Welding Plant Calibration to EN IEC 60974-14

We also offer welding machine electrical safety testing to EN IEC 60974-4.

We offer a calibration service of all types of welding equipment to EN IEC 60974-14.

IEC 60974-14 is an international standard that governs the calibration and validation of arc welding equipment.

As a general rule, MIG, manual metal arc welding, and TIG machines can be calibrated. If you are working to ISO 9001 or EN1090 standards, you are required to calibrate your welding equipment on a regular basis.
The standards set out the principles for the quality assurance process for welded products.
EN 1090 defines the production standards and CE markings for steel and aluminum supporting structures.

The process of calibrating welding systems involves them being connected up to a calibration station to have their voltage, amperage, and wire feed speed measured.

The calibration software analyses the values recorded for your welding systems, then compares them against the standard specifications in order to identify the discrepancy between the two.

This result must fall within the permissible tolerances as set out by the Standard.

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